Customer Journey Modelling Language

User journeys - or customer journeys - put humans at the center of a process, whether we have the role of patient, employee, user or employee.

At SINTEF we have researched the practical and theoretical sides of customer journeys for many years. CJML is a easy-to-use modelling language that offers terminology, syntax, diagrams, methods and tools. It distinguish between the planned journey (as intended) and the actual journey (what actually happened for an individual user).

New: CJML version 2.0 is available

A new version of CJML is available from November 2022. The main changes from the previous version is the new data format for customer journeys.  


Scientific publications

  1. Halvorsrud, R., Boletsis, C., & Garcia-Ceja, E. (2021). Designing a Modeling Language for Customer Journeys: Lessons Learned from User Involvement. Proceedings from the IEEE MODELS 2021 conference, pp. 239-249.Link to paper. 
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Why use CJML?

CJML is an effective tool in service innovation, whether you want to improve a service, document a service or analyze how it is perceived by users. The most important areas of benefit are:

The original version of CJML was developed through the innovation project VISUAL with support from the Research Council of Norway. This project was completed in 2016. Current projects focused on CJML are Smart Journey Mining, CyberKit4SME, Pathway and VisMeg.

Contact Person

Ragnhild Halvorsrud, SINTEF Digital
tel: +47 977 38 883
email: ragnhild.halvorsrud at sintef.no